Privacy Statement

Express Lodging Ltd Privacy Statement


This privacy statement applies to Express Lodging Ltd. It is companies and all of the hotels within the Express Lodging Ltd Group. Hereafter known as we or us or EL or our

At Express Lodging Ltd Group, we strive to deliver outstanding products, services, and experiences within East London & Essex. We value your business and trust with us. We know that privacy is an important problem and understands that you care about the use and storage of your personal information we value your trust in allowing us to do this in a professional manner. We have come up with this Privacy Statement to explain our practices regarding the personal information we collect from you or about you on this site, via our apps or in person, through written or verbal communications with us, when you visit one of our properties, or from other sources. While this Statement describes the practices we have approved across Express Lodging, local laws vary and some authorities may place restrictions on our processing activities (e.g., certain authorities may need agreeing consent to send marketing messages). So, our actual practices in such authorities may be more limited than those described herein in order to enable us to comply with local requirements.

By using any of our products or services you hereby are agreeing to this Statement, for example by booking any of our services or products you agree to the use and collection of your personal data as set out in this Statement.


When processing personal information on behalf of 3rd parties likes booking agents, wholesalers or other services providers, anyone bookings on your behalf, business customers. This statement does not apply kindly contact them for the privacy statement.


Personal Date / Information we collect


At the time of guest communication and carrying out our business we likely to collect personal data. This would be things like your contact details, information to do with your booking like booking ref no, and information about your stay or information about your visit to us, information related to the buying and invoice of products and or services, personal data like name, contact details address, telephone number, email address, passport number along with date and place of issue, driving licence number, date of birth, Payment information like your card number or other payment/card well as verification information and other billing and account details related with mobile billing; guest preferences; marketing and communication preferences; information about vehicles you driving and parking in our car park / parking bays like number plate, make and model.

Information may also be collected from any form of communication with us like telephone calls, emails, written, text and WhatsApp communication.


At our properties / hotel(s) / reception

We collect personal data on registration/check-in at our properties, we collect government issued identity I.e. Passport / Driving licence. This information needed by local law as well as using CCTV onsite which captures or records images of guest and visitors in public areas only. As well as using CCTV to record video for the protection of our staff, guest/visitors on your properties in-line with the law. We collect personal data for onsite services like breakfast, coffee shop, onsite activities


Customer Service department / Telephone / Email


When speaking to our customer service department by telephone, email, letter, fax, or and any other from on communication


Bookings/events & meetings


We collect information about the booking /event/meeting information. Like the date(s) of the bookings / event, type of bookings or event, number of guests/visitors, for business events information like the name and budget. We also likely to collect information if you visit us as part of an event, we may share personal information about you with the event planners, as permitted by law. If you are an event planner we may also share information about your event with third-party service providers who may market event services to you as permitted by law.


Social Media

if you like/click or partake in our social media sites in any of our offers/events/activities on any social media platform(s). We likely to collect data from that as well as collect data from your social media account dependable with your settings within the social media service, such as location, check-ins, activities, interests, photos, status updates and friend list. We may also allow you to enter into competitions to provide photos, Like your stay with us, which you may share with our and your followers on social media for votes, shared offers or other prizes.


Personal Data / Information we collect from 3rd Parties


We collect information and data from 3rd parties about you this includes information and data from online bookings agents, Card/payment suppliers as well as other 3rd parties suppliers that are entitled by law / lawfully allowed to share your data with us. We use this data/information along with other information we hold about you to your profile with us and is only used as detailed in the statement and subject to local law enforcement means.

Personal Data/ Information collected about you

Your information is used in a number of ways, including but not limited to providing the highest level of services expect and request from us in-room and within our properties as well as conduct direct marketing/sales promotions like our book direct get 10% off winter promotion and promotions run all year around.

Administration: Your data/information is used for administration of your products or services used as well as providing you with your account details like your booking history example number of stay, rooms stayed in ect.



Marketing and Communications


Where consent has been given we use your information to offer you direct deals and offers and up to date newsletters as long with other marketing information in line with any marketing preference stated by yourself. We use your information about your reservation, booking confirmation, Invoice and other booking details. We likely to provide this communication by Email, Telephone. We also collect information from your payment card, which can be appended to personal information and used by us or our business partners to recognise what type of card you have, the bank and or the type of card you have.


Data Correctness & Analytics


We may compare your information with information collected by 3rd parties in ensure we hold the correct and up to date information about you. We also count on 3rd party date in ensure we providing you with the best service


Personal Data we share

For us to prove you with the best level of service. We may from time to time share your information with our service providers and other 3rd parties.

Email/Online Billing: You may receive email billing from some of our service providers this would include details of services or products or service provided during your stay which would be shared with the card provider. For business customers who use a corporate business payment card. The card provider may share that information with your employer as a statement summary.


Group Events or Meetings:  If you visit us as part of a group the information collected likely to be shared with the planners, visitors or anyone else who have partaken in the arrangement of the event.


Business Partners:  We use arrange of partners when it comes to providing our products and services across our group. We likely to share your data with our partners as and when needed lawfully as to local laws. Example: needing a taxi to the airport from the hotel. We likely to share information with local partners (Taxi companies) in order to arrange this service for you.


How we use your information


Improve your experience with us. Your information is used to communicate and process your booking(s) as well as payments, we use your information to keep our records up to date as requested by local law. We information would be used to communicate with you about the booking you have with us any product or services we offer as well as any special offers taking place. To improve our services both online and offline as well as fraud prevention detect abuse of service.


In order for us to supply any information requested as well as deal with any response by to any questions from you. Sending details of your new, cancelled or modified booking(s) made by you as well as sending reminder email(s) about any booking(s) you have with us. In an event of a change to your booking(s) any data or personal information you have provided us with, such as changes to terms and conditions of booking or this privacy policy.


Your contact details may be used to supply information to you by telephone, email about our company, services, products and other information that we think maybe useful to yourself. This would be done with your consent, if you wish to remove your consent at any time by sending an email to


All/any data collected by us is key for us and do not share the data with anyone else . Unless we have your consent, we will never disclose, rent, trade or sell your personal data to any 3rd parties for their marketing or mailing needs .We do share, transfer your data or personal information to other companies, data processors or agents employed by us to perform any required tasks on our behalf, but they are bound by our privacy policy and may not use this information for their own purposes.


Safety of your data

We use the high security procedures place in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us. This is to prevent unauthorised access or unlawful processing of your personal information.


By using our services, products you consent to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information by us in the way set out in this policy. Should we change our policy we would update the changes online on our website so you always know how we handle your data

Should you which to remove your consent you can do so by written communication email or write to Express Lodging Ltd, The Data Controller, 22/24 Coventry Road,  Ilford.  Essex, IG1 4QR

If you wish to view, delete or amend any of the information we hold on you, this can be done by contacting us in writing Express Lodging Ltd, The Data Controller, 22/24 Coventry Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4QR.